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Friday, October 01, 2004

This is the final post for Easykimme, A Girl in Transition. I will continue to keep a journal whose title is Mercurial Girl. The first post there should be later today or tomorrow.

Why discontinue Easykimmie? One reason is that it is time to retire the persona. In high school I was tagged with that nickname. When I got to college I took it as a screen name using what once was meant to denigrate me to then represent me. I feel now that I'm in a new stage of my life and a different tag is appropriate.

The second reason is that I've completed a transition. From student to a career(s) and I've established a home in a new city and country. Now I am growing and changing with in the context of this life.

I decide to launch the new blog today since it is the anniversary of my discharge from the hospital. That time was the lowest part of my life and in the last year I feel that I have regained the confidence in myself, and the control over my life that I felt in college. So please join me at Mercurial Girl

New blog and address Mercurial Girl

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